How to Enhance your Yoga Practice


A good amount of you out there maybe more like myself. Love the philosophy of yoga and once we motivate ourselves we love the practice even more. Motivation being the keyword here. I find that "life" just seems to get in the way! I finally decided to take full responsibility of my actions or lack there of, and found the missing link. 

While the existence of yoga has been around for centuries, its technique and practice has evolved over the years. More than 21 million people in the U.S practice  yoga. It's pretty hard to go somewhere and not see the influence of it. That gives us a plethora of options right? But where to start…. How about with one of the most important tools, your yoga mat. Mats these days are a dime a dozen and that dozen is relatively the same. Plain and dull mats, mats with uninspiring designs that make you think who designed this? And lets not mention the mats that add no support or  grip and leave you slipping around. Driven by my desire of a steady and uplifting practice I soon realized what it really means to have a proper mat.

I wanted a mat that I was excited to practice on. Something unique, rich in color and beauty with inspirational designs that would sing underneath my hands and feet. Something that made me happy to step on it every day. I wanted something that gave me the best traction and provided me with guidance on my alignment. 

I put those needs out in the universe and quickly came across Vagabond-Goods yoga mats. What drew me in immediately was their unique designs and bold colors. They actually come in so many different pleasing designs and colors that I almost felt they were customized for me! What I find really helpful is that the symmetrical designs are purposeful in that they help guide my body in alignment with  hand/foot placement markers. Another great thing that I found helpful was that the mat was extra thick yet light weight. Ive found out that the thickness of the mat is is great for building muscle strength and preventing injuries. Not to mention the non-slip pillow texture gave me some extra comfort while in some not so comfortable positions. 


One thing that really sealed the deal for me is that the mats are long lasting and printed in the U.S.A with Non-Toxic inks. Every time I unroll it I can breathe freely and confidently. This mat has given me so much and what amazes me is how much Vagabond goods gives back. They are committed to supporting non-profit organizations like Off the Mat -Into the World and Sea Shepard. 


I finally found what I was looking for. A product that's great in design, function and quality and gives back!

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