Meditation Kits

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest product line : Meditation Kits. As one of the fastest growing segments. Meditation is becoming an increasingly important part of wellness.

Our collection consists of three kits : Zen Therapy/Blissed Out/Manifestation

The Meditation Kit contains:

USB with Guided meditation -  40 minuet guided meditation with alpha and theta frequencies to assist relaxation, increase mood and facilitate visualization and manifestation. 


Eye pillow -  Silky eye pillows are designed at a perfect weight to provide light pressure on the vagus nerve. This will help lower the heart rate and balance the nervous system.


Essential oil roller - Concentrated organic oils with specific ingredients to uplift mood and assist with relaxation during meditation.  The oils have been selectively blended for each meditation kit to achieve the specific purpose such as reduce stress, increase serotonin and assist with relaxation.

Mala necklace - Balinese Handmade beaded necklace designed to aid in focus whilst practicing meditation and a beautiful fashion accessory.