5 Must Haves for the Stylish Yogi

Lets be honest, one could practice Yoga on a rag if necessary. But why would you?? There is so many mats out there to choose from. Why not get something that's beautiful, unique and functional? Let those bold designs, alignment markers and colors guide and inspire you.



















When the body is heated and flowing there is nothing more distracting and annoying than slipping around and trying not to face plant on your yoga mat during class. No sweat! Yoga towels make for a stress and slip free practice.




How does one easily carry their cumbersome yoga mat around? By bag of course. Yoga mat bags allow for hands-free carrying and often have additional compartments to store keys, wallets or other small. Great to strap on when riding a bike or walking to practice.  





There are more types of yoga pants than asanas. From sweat-resistant fabrics for those intense hot yoga classes to loose and comfortable materials for those more relaxed practices. Fashionable prints and designs bring excitement to those legs making them versatile both on and off the mat. 



Keeping hydrated before and after practice is essential. Nothing beats a nice cool and refreshing drink after a sweat fest of a session. Drinking from a beautifully crafted non-leaching and non-toxic stainless steel bottle while helping reduce the use of plastic bottles is a win win!













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